Natural Disasters. K.

INFO: Reed, Hannah. Natural Disasters. K. 2001

DESC: Learn about how different storms and disasters can effect the earth.

TAGS: emergencies, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, K, Richard Avenue

A Bike for Brad. K.

INFO: Harrison, Stephen. A Bike for Brad. K. 1998

DESC: Brad has his eye on an expensive bike he would like for his birthday. Read on to find out how he does in the BMX team trials.

TAGS: BMX, bikes, hard work, perseverance, K, Richard Avenue

Now We Live in the U.S.A. J.

INFO: Garcia, Colon Aurora. Now We Live in the U.S.A. J. 2004

DESC: In this book, children from different countries are interviewed who are new to the United States. They talk about what they like most about their new country.

TAGS: Mexico, Peru, China, Vietnam, ESL, moving, different cultures, J, Richard Avenue