Jamaica and Brianna. K.

INFO: Havill, Juanita. Jamaica and Brianna. K. 1993.

DESC: Jamaica and Brianna is a classic tale of friendship, fashion, envy, struggle and kindness in elementary school. Jamaica is embarassed to have to wear her brother’s hand-me-down boots to school, while her friend Brianna has fancy white-muffed pink ‘girl’ boots. Jamaica complains – and tears a hole in her brother’s boots – until she finally gets new ones. She rubs her awesome new boots in Brianna’s face – until a surprise ending brings her down to earth, and helps the girls remember their friendship. This is a great and meaningful book for students working up from F&P readers – its themes are real, deep, and resonant, and the characters and situations familiar.

TAGS: girls, friendship, fashion, envy, hand-me-downs, jealousy, kindness, sharing, independence, K


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