Inside Caves. K.

INFO: Gibson, Bryless. Inside Caves. K. 2006.

DESC: A fascinating survey of the wide world of caves and cavings – with surprisingly detailed and ample text for a level “K” read. Recommended for the high-flying reader. Some students may get bored after a few pages – encourage them that this book guides them through not only underground caves, but caves under ice and under the sea! This text easily lends itself to a host of writing activities: comparing and contrasting different caves, making a “main idea/detail” box with one detail about each type of cave, &c. Also noteworthy is that this book details caving safety and rescue missions. Includes text features like an index and diagrams, and helpful critical thinking, vocab, and before/during/after questions for teachers.

TAGS: caves, geology, caving, the earth, non-fiction, underwater, ice, ocean, science, K


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