No Ball Games. I.

INFO: Akass, Susan. No Ball Games. I. 2000.

DESC: This leveled reader – with about the same number of words-per-page as a Henry and Mudge book – follows a young girl who decides to bring her beloved bouncing ball with her on a trip to the zoo. The strange and sing-song-y language and of “No Ball Games” may seem – or be – somewhat regressive for our 2nd grade readers – who might balk at reading about the adventures of what appears to be a young toddler – even if it is at their reading level. Still, like other books of this level, the repetitive plot structure (each animal ‘borrows’ her ball, in turn) and language (“Give me back my ball!” shouted Katy …. x 8!) may be a comfort to struggling readers just working up from the one-sentence-a-page mark. Nothing otherwise remarkable about the plotline or characters.

TAGS: easy reader, easy reads, zoo, animals, young children, family trips, I, fiction


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