Hippos. J.

INFO: Randell, Beverly. Hippos. J. 1998.

DESC: Another reliable animal non-fiction book in the PM ANIMAL FACTS: ANIMALS IN THE WILD series. This book provides a number of interesting tidbits about hippos, arranged by topic/common student inquiry. Among the fascinating facts that Randell’s book points out: how hippos hide from alligators! How deadly the fighting of bull hippos can be! What hippos do in the dry season! Great for students who may not have considered the wild and varied life of these great and deadly beasts. Like others in this series, there’s lots of information on every page – it might be best to use the discussion/review questions on the bottom of each page as writing prompts, and to take this book slowly, over a number of sessions, or as long as student interest permits.

TAGS: hippos, animals, animal facts, scientific facts, non-fiction, african animals, water animals, J

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