Saving the Yellow Eye. O.

INFO: Darby, John. Saving the Yellow Eye. O. 1999.

DESC: An exceptional – and rare – higher-level non-fiction book, written by a conservation biologist who devoted his life to working to protect the rare Yellow Eye penguins of New Zealand from extinction. Perfect for animal lovers and science & ecology buffs alike (or anyone, truly), the volume chronicles Darby & Co.’s attempts to protect the penguins in a series of four short chapters. Text features such as graphs,  diagrams, maps and a glossary abound. Saving the Yellow Eye especially lends itself towards writing and reflection activities, since so much trial & error, inference, and scientific method guides Darby in his conservation efforts. A truly incredible portrait of the life of a working scientist actively involved in saving animals, habitats and heritage – so grateful that Darby took the time to write this wonderful book for kids!

TAGS: conservation, ecology, extinction, penguins, animals, protecting animals, biology, biologists, scientists, working with animals, jobs with animals, new Zealand, rare animals, non-fiction


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