books by school!

** this website is being updated off-and-on, throughout the summer! we hope that it someday will be a REALLY USEFUL database for ALL schools involved in the ever-expanding Ohio Reading Corps project. if you’d like to see your school up here — well, then, pardner: add some reviews! **

note: we also welcome all teachers, literacy coaches and interested persons at these schools to use this site as a database and reference tool! bookrooms are a big project, and few schools have the time or devoted personnel to develop a complete catalogue. since we’re already in there every day working with these books, why not catalogue & review as we go, and make what we hope is a lasting contribution to our ohio elementary schools? hope this helps — and, if you’re a teacher in these districts and would like to add your own reviews, please email us at [ohioreadingcorpsbookroom] at [gmail] dot [com]! we’d love to hear from you!


>> southwestern city schools:

east franklin!


richard avenue!

>> hilliard


— coming soon! —


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