The Case of the Food Fight. M.

Preller, James. The Case of the Food Fight. M. 2005.


This is a Jigsaw Jones mystery. It is 28th in the series. Everyone blames Joey Pignatto for starting a food fight in the school cafeteria, but Jigsaw jones doesn’t believe it. Now Jigsaw and his partner Milah Yeh have only 24 hours to clear Joey’s name.

TAGS: Jigsaw Jones, mystery, food fight, school, friends, John F. Kennedy, M, Level M, Mike


The Littles Go Exploring. M.

Peterson, John. The Littles Go Exploring. M. 1978


The tenth in a series. The Little family sets off to explore the mystery of Grandpa Little’s disappearance. Lucy and Tom Little stumble across a secret room where Grandpa LIttle kept many papers and maps.

TAGS: exploring, maps, wilderness, boats, The Littles, John F. Kennedy, M, Level M, Mike

Dragon Gets By. I.

Pilkey, Dav. Dragon Gets By. I. 1993

Dragon can’t seem to get anything right today.  He reads and egg and fries his newspaper for breakfast, sweeps a hole in his floor, eats all his groceries because they don’t fit in his car, and combs his teeth while brushing his hair with a toothbrush.  What a day for Dragon!!

TAGS: silly, funny, Dragon, housework, yardwork, groceries, shopping, chores, fiction, I, North Franklin

Dragon’s Halloween. I.

Pilkey, Dav. Dragon’s Halloween. I. 1993

More misadventures with the lovable blue Dragon.  Dragon wants to make a big jack-o’-lantern, but can only find six small pumpkins.  Though some bullies come along to try and ruin his fun, Dragon perseveres and scares them off.  Dragon also gets invited to a costume party and gets scared by his own grumbling stomach in the woods.

TAGS: Dragon, Halloween, funny, humor, pumpkin, jack-o’-lantern, costume, party, silly, scary, bullying, fiction, I, North Franklin

Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I.

Pilkey, Dav. Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I. 1991

Dragon gets ready for Christmas!  Though everything doesn’t go as planned, dragon helps make Christmas special for others in need and get a Christmas treat in the end.

TAGS: Dragon, funny, Christmas, caring, kindness, silly, winter, holiday, fiction, I, North Franklin

Stone Soup: A Traditional Tale from Sweden. I.

Hawes, Alison. Stone Soup: A Traditional Tale from Sweden. I. 2000

This is a folktale about a man who likes to play tricks.  He comes to a town and tries to sell stone soup (a pot of water with a stone in it) to the townspeople.  The people don’t believe him at first but come over to see how he is able to make it.  He tricks the people into giving him all of the other ingredients he needs to make the soup and then sells it to them. 

TAGS: stone, soup, folktale, fiction, trick, lying, Sweden, I, North Franklin

Is It a Fruit?. I.

Pritchett, Jan. Is It a Fruit?. I. 2000

A nonfiction book about how to determine if something is a fruit or not.  A fruit must be part of a plant, grow from a flower, and hold seeds.  Throughout the book, the reader is asked to look at two items and determine which is a fruit.  Then, on the following pages they can check their answer.

TAGS: nonfiction, fruit, identification, garden, I, North Franklin