Reptiles. M.

INFO: Parkes, B. Reptiles. M. 1999

DESC: Great photos introducing reptiles: Tuatara, Crocodilians, Snakes, Chelonians, and Lizards.

TAGS: East Franklin, M, reptiles, science, animals, non-fiction, Level M, Mike

Mailing May. O.

INFO: Tunnell, Michael. Mailing May. O. 1997

DESC: True story of Charlotte Pieerstorff, who was mailed to her grandmother on a mail train in 1914. She was labeled as ‘baby chicks’ and mailed for 53 cents. She traveled 75 miles across the Idaho mountains.

TAGS: East Franklin, O, history, geography, historical fiction, Level O, Oscar

Same Idea, Different Year. P.

INFO: Griffiths, Susan. Same Idea, Different Year. P. 2001

DESC: Two children from different eras share many things in common such as a messy room. They both want to be a pilot; one in a plane, one in a spaceship. Good to compare and contrast eras using the illustrations.

TAGS: East Franklin, P, compare/contrast, history, dreams, goals, realistic fiction, Level P, Papa