Fossils. L.

INFO: Cefrey, Holly. Fossils. L. 2002

DESC: This book describes how fossils are made. It also explains how scientists can lear different things by studying fossils.

TAGS: fossils, scientists, non-fiction, archaeologists, L, Richard Avenue


Dinosaur Fun Facts. F.

INFO: Keller, Ellen. Dinosaur Fun Facts. F. 1997.

DESC: This easy-to-read introduction to dinosaur life is an interesting starting point for early readers. The full-page illustrations literally act out the one sentence that graces each page. Students will definitely struggle with “real” dinosaur names, given here in full (e.g. “heterodontosaurus”) – these moments may be good opportunities to practice breaking unknown words down into chunks.

TAGS: dinosaurs, non-fiction, ancient reptiles, museums, easy readers, easy reads, K