Tents. J.

Rollis, Charlemae. Tents. J. 1976.

Tents (Scott Foresman Reading Systems Level 3, Book B)

Like the other books in the odd-covered UNICEF English-language education series, this book is a combination of a short story and a brief nonfiction section. In this case, the short story is  one about two boys named Dan and Carl and their desire to sleep outside in their very own tent—even the rain can’t keep them from enjoying it.  The nonfiction section has instruction on how to make your own tent, whether you make it outside between some trees, off the edge of a porch, or indoors.  The book also has short built-in multiple-choice comprehension questions.

TAGS: J, fiction, chapter, camping, outdoors, tents, crafts, friendship, perseverance

Buster Makes the Grade. M.

Brown, Marc. Buster Makes the Grade. M. 1999.

This Arthur book is actually about Buster.  Buster needs to get at least a B on his last math test of the year, or else he’ll have to repeat third grade! Can his friends help him get good study habits?

TAGS: Fiction, chapter, Arthur, school, math, testing, fears, study habits, m

The World’s Best Dog Walker. Q.

INFO: Zolman, Pam. The World’s Best Dog Walker. Q. 2000

DESC: Girl decides to earn money for a new bike by walking dogs. Of course she has various troubles with different dogs. Her best friend who wanted nothing to do with this pursuit comes to her rescue in the end.

TAGS: East Franklin, Q, friendship, jobs, dogs, realistic fiction, Level Q, Quebec

Heny and Mudge and the Happy Cat. K.

INFO: Rylant, Cynthia. Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat. K. 1990.

DESC: This memorable book about about Henry, his big dog Mudge, and the “stewed prunes” stray cat that appears on their porch one day has many sunny lessons about friendship, family, and “doing the right thing”! Surprise ending that is sure to delight!

TAGS: henry and mudge, henry, cats, stray cats, adopting cats, lost cats, neighborhoods, friendship, compassion, nurturing, adoption, chapter, fiction