The Wright Brothers. O.

INFO:  Lynch, Emma.  The Wright Brothers.  O.  2005

DESC: This book introduces readers to the lives and work of the two brothers who invented the first engine-driven flying machine.

TAGS: Highland Park, O, Industry, Brothers, Ohio, Planes, Technology, History, highland park-o, level o, aviation, inventors, inventions, oscar

Trees and Plants in the Rainforest. O.

INFO:  Pirotta, Saviour.  Trees and Plants in the Rainforest.  O

DESC:  Describes the different types of trees and plants that grow in the layers of the rain forest.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Ecosystem, Environment, Plants, trees, rainforest, level o, highland park-o, oscar

The Frog Prince Continued. O.

INFO:  Scieszka, Jon.  The Frog Prince Continued.  O.  1994

DESC:  After the Princess kissed the frog, he turned into a handsome prince and they lived happily ever after… or “did they?”  The Princess can’t stand the Prince’s froggy habits.  The Prince is unhappy, too, and decides that it would be best if he were changed back to a frog. But finding a witch who will do the job is harder than he expects.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Fantasy, Animals, Contentment, level o, highland park-o, fiction, chapter, oscar

Predators in the Rain Forest. O.

INFO:  Pirotta, Saviour.  Predators in the Rain Forest.  O 

DESC:  Introduction to the main features of rain forests, including transport, resources and environmental threats.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Ecosystem, Animals, Environment, level o, highland park-o, oscar, non-fiction, rainforests, predators

The Mystery of the Missing Book. O.

INFO:  West, Natalie.  The Mystery of the Missing Book.  O.  2008.

DESC:  A girl becomes the advice columnist at her school.  At the same time, a book gets stolen from her teacher. With careful detective work, the girl discovers the thief! This is a good book for students to use problem solving to solve a mystery.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Mystery, School, Homework, Teachers, level O, highland park-O, oscar

Firelight Secrets. O.

INFO:  Wignell, Edel.  Firelight Secrets.  O.  2001

DESC:  It isn’t much fun being ill, but Karlie lives in a famous old house full of secrets, so at least now she has time to solve a mystery. When Karlie discovers hidden treasures, she learns about another young girl – just the same age as she is now – who lived in the house more than one hundred years ago.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Mystery, History, level O, highland park-O, oscar

A Medal for Molly. O.

INFO:  Weeks, Jan.  A Medal for Molly.  O.  2001

DESC: Molly and her father are traveling home on a wet night when their car skids off the dirt road and crashes into a tree, trapping her father’s legs. Molly finds a torch and walks for help.

TAGS:  Highland Park, O, Courage, Fear, Bravery, level O, highland park-O, fiction, chapter, oscar