Transportation through Time. P.

Hammonds, Heather. Transportation through Time. P. 2003.

The histories of ships, carriages, cars, trains, balloons, dirigibles, airplanes, spaceships and more are detailed with pictures and question prompts. Yellow bolded words go to a glossary in the back. “Imagine…” question prompts can be poorly worded and confusing to kids (like implying there were no cars before 2003!).

TAGS: Nonfiction, history, cars, horses, airplanes, moon, outer space, trains, ships, P


A Pony Named Shawney. P.

INFO: Small, Mary. A Pony Named Shawney. P. 1997.

DESC: A boy in a wheelchair befriends a horse and learns to ride with the help of his neighbors.

TAGS: East Franklin, P, friendship, sharing, horses, handicap, dreams, fiction, Level P, Papa