When I Grow Up. I.

INFO: Cicciarelli, Joellyn. When I Grow Up. I. 2000

DESC: This book explores several career opportunities for young students.

TAGS: careers, jobs, chef, astronaut, doctor, zoologist, builder, President, I, Richard Avenue


Cobber Dog and Old Mary. L.

INFO: Dobbie, Jenny. Cobber Dog and Old Mary. L. 2007

DESC: Cobber Dog gets tired of staying at home with Old Mary all day. He decides it is time for him to find a job. Over the course of several days, he tries out several jobs but can’t quite find to seem one that fits.

TAGS: dogs, friendship, jobs, L, Richard Avenue

The World’s Best Dog Walker. Q.

INFO: Zolman, Pam. The World’s Best Dog Walker. Q. 2000

DESC: Girl decides to earn money for a new bike by walking dogs. Of course she has various troubles with different dogs. Her best friend who wanted nothing to do with this pursuit comes to her rescue in the end.

TAGS: East Franklin, Q, friendship, jobs, dogs, realistic fiction, Level Q, Quebec