Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I.

Pilkey, Dav. Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I. 1991

Dragon gets ready for Christmas!  Though everything doesn’t go as planned, dragon helps make Christmas special for others in need and get a Christmas treat in the end.

TAGS: Dragon, funny, Christmas, caring, kindness, silly, winter, holiday, fiction, I, North Franklin


A Dog’s Best Friend. L.

INFO: Thompson, Gary. A Dog’s Best Friend. L. 1998.

DESC: A somewhat disturbing choice for a level L, A Dog’s Best Friend chronicles the life of “Niles,” a very spoiled and downright mean Schnauzer, as a new dog (a much less fancy basset hound, at that) moves into his owner’s ritzy condominum. The vindictive elements of Niles’ personality are a bit much; but some kids might get a kick out of discussing Niles’ personality, and the nasty trick he plays on newcomer (the unfortunately-named Crumbley). Eventually, the book turns around: Niles and Crumbley start to become friends, and Niles accepts that Crumbley, even though he’s not as polished or fancy as Niles himself, might not be so dumb after all.

TAGS: acceptance, understanding, new friends, changes, being nice, kindness, dogs, dog stories, fiction, L

Jamaica and Brianna. K.

INFO: Havill, Juanita. Jamaica and Brianna. K. 1993.

DESC: Jamaica and Brianna is a classic tale of friendship, fashion, envy, struggle and kindness in elementary school. Jamaica is embarassed to have to wear her brother’s hand-me-down boots to school, while her friend Brianna has fancy white-muffed pink ‘girl’ boots. Jamaica complains – and tears a hole in her brother’s boots – until she finally gets new ones. She rubs her awesome new boots in Brianna’s face – until a surprise ending brings her down to earth, and helps the girls remember their friendship. This is a great and meaningful book for students working up from F&P readers – its themes are real, deep, and resonant, and the characters and situations familiar.

TAGS: girls, friendship, fashion, envy, hand-me-downs, jealousy, kindness, sharing, independence, K