Out in Space! G?

INFO: Berger, Melvin. Out in Space! G?. 1995.

DESC: This early-level non-fiction is a great and non-intimidating general overview of the many elements comprising “space.” It introduces kiddos to rockets, the planets of our solar system, and even gives a short glimpse beyond the galaxy! Some students may freak out about the specialized vocabulary – just focus on “telling” names and new words (like “andromeda” or “nebula”) and challenge the students to take on the rest. Once they get the planet names down, students will find this a rewarding read – and one that they’re very proud of.

TAGS: space, outer space, planets, moons, galaxies, rockets, science, nonfiction

A New Friend at the Beach. G.

INFO: Dufresne, Michele. A New Friend at the Beach. G. 2007.

DESC: The crown jewel of the “vanity dog books” (read: photographs of the author’s dogs dressed up in weird clothes; with thin accompanying storyline) genre that appears in early readers (E-H), this book takes a look at two fluffy white dogs (who belong to the author) as they navigate predictable drama on the beach. This time, they try to figure out what clams are, with the help of a new friend – and end up deciding that maybe dog chow really is preferable to human food.

TAGS: vanity dog books, dogs, the beach, seaside, sea shore, clams, clam chowder, friendship, G