The Greatest Binnie in the World. M.

INFO: Mahy, Margaret. The Greatest Binnie in the World. M. 1996.

DESC: Bob thinks he is the best at just about everything – and that means that his little sister, Binnie, can’t be. That is – until Binnie does something so great that Bob is forced to reevaluate his reign. This book is shockingly ‘young’-feeling, for a level-M; compared to a series like Arthur or Marvin Redpost, it’s not nearly as morally complicated, compelling, up-to-date, or interesting. Maybe recommended for early 2nd-grade readers who are accelerated – but feels shockingly like a level ‘E’ book, for a level ‘M’ selection.

TAGS: siblings, sibling rivalry, brothers, sisters, gymnastics, athletics, competition, fiction, younger readers, easy reads, non-intimidating, M


Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl? M.

INFO: Sachar, Louis. Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl? M. 1993.

DESC: Another in the popular Marvin Redpost series! In this one, “weird” Casey Happleton tries to convince Martin that he might turn into a girl if he can kiss his elbow. When a bizarre freak accident occurs, Marvin starts to be worried that Casey … was right! This is a wildly popular book, and a great “bigger chapter book”/complex character transition series for developing readers. Great for 2nd graders who have just headed into chapters!

TAGS: marvin redpost, marvin, girls, boys, gender, anxiety, 3rd grade, funny, humor, metamorphosis, transformation, fiction, chapter, M

Buster Makes the Grade. M.

INFO: Brown, Marc. Buster Makes the Grade. M. 1998.
DESC: Buster’s happy-go-lucky personality finally takes the better of him in this Arthur book. Will Buster learn to get his act together and take his homework seriously before the big math test? Or will he have to be held back for another year in the 3 grade? This book does a good job of lightheardedly considering the serious issue of academic performance – and shows that friends and community support (like our tutoring program), plus some good old elbow grease, can help turn things around.
TAGS: arthur, arthur books, buster, friendship, tutoring, math, academics, bad grades, being held back, working hard, perseverance, M

Arthur Rocks with BINKY. M.

INFO: Brown, Marc. Arthur Rocks with BINKY. M. 1998.
DESC: Arthur and the Gang’s favorite band, BINKY, is coming to town! As tickets run scarce, everyone’s daydreams run wild, and the whole gang tries to imagine the best
ways to get close to BINKY. With a surprise ending and a good lesson on friendship and sharing, this book is sure to resonate with 2nd and 3rd graders in the age of big pop sensations!
TAGS: arthur, arthur books, friendship, rock bands, music, concerts, celebrities, siblings, parents, sharing, generosity, fame, M