Chomp! A Book About Sharks. L.

Berger, Melvin. Chomp! A Book About Sharks. L. 1999.

This book tells all about different shark species, a shark’s life-cycle, how sharks feed, and how sharks swim and live.  Popular above (and even below) its difficulty level, due to the great cover, exciting subject matter and cool photos of sharks.  Most of the vocabulary is straightforward and non-technical, so this can be a good introduction to more complex non-fiction writing as well.

TAGS: finland, finland-l, l, level L, non-fiction, sharks, animal facts, fish, oceans


The Coral Reef. H.

INFO: Economos, Christine. The Coral Reef. H. 1999.

DESC: This cheerful, navigable non-fiction piece is a splendid introduction to coral reefs for budding readers. It presents many new creatures and ideas in an easy-to-read structure, with one or two sentences per page, and big, bright full-color photo accompaniments. Students will enjoy the names of coral reef creatures – like “yellow tang fish,” “clownfish,” and “green lettuce slug.” This one makes written reflections about “what have you learned?” a cinch!

TAGS: coral reefs, oceans, fish, scuba diving, ocean, ocean life, non-fiction, H