Danny and the Bully. I.

Coulton, Mia. Danny and the Bully. I. 2002

One day Danny is at the dog park playing with his friends when another dog, Spike, starts to bully him.  Danny overcomes the bully by learning to stand up for himself and not let the mean things Spike says to him bother him and stop him from having fun.

TAGS: fiction, bully, dog, animals, Danny, I, North Franklin, perseverance

Tents. J.

Rollis, Charlemae. Tents. J. 1976.

Tents (Scott Foresman Reading Systems Level 3, Book B)

Like the other books in the odd-covered UNICEF English-language education series, this book is a combination of a short story and a brief nonfiction section. In this case, the short story is  one about two boys named Dan and Carl and their desire to sleep outside in their very own tent—even the rain can’t keep them from enjoying it.  The nonfiction section has instruction on how to make your own tent, whether you make it outside between some trees, off the edge of a porch, or indoors.  The book also has short built-in multiple-choice comprehension questions.

TAGS: J, fiction, chapter, camping, outdoors, tents, crafts, friendship, perseverance

Buster Makes the Grade. M.

INFO: Brown, Marc. Buster Makes the Grade. M. 1998.
DESC: Buster’s happy-go-lucky personality finally takes the better of him in this Arthur book. Will Buster learn to get his act together and take his homework seriously before the big math test? Or will he have to be held back for another year in the 3 grade? This book does a good job of lightheardedly considering the serious issue of academic performance – and shows that friends and community support (like our tutoring program), plus some good old elbow grease, can help turn things around.
TAGS: arthur, arthur books, buster, friendship, tutoring, math, academics, bad grades, being held back, working hard, perseverance, M