The Gingerbread Man. K.

INFO: Smith, Annette. The Gingerbread Man. K. 1997.

DESC: Yet another classic-fables-retold-as-levelled-reading, with-a-play-at-the-end! This book is fantastic for resistant readers: it pairs the familiar plotline of the Gingerbread Man fable with dynamic, often quite funny illustrations; and the surprise and joy of the moment when the clever fox outfoxes the witty, rebellious Gingerbread Man (much to the shock of the Old Man and Woman) genuinely keeps kids engaged. As with the other fable-and-play books, these are wonderful transitions from shorter, less complicated leveled readers since they have a number of sentences on each page; but the character development and plotline are so simple and familiar that they build confidence with each turn of the page.

TAGS: fables, plays, gingerbread man, easy readers, easy reads, K?, fiction, fox stories, trickster tales


Town Mouse and Country Mouse. L.

INFO: Smith, Annette. Town Mouse and Country Mouse. L. 1998.

DESC: This book is a traditional retelling of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, in a popular format for mid-level readers with an interactive play version at the end. The details included in the book can help students do more exploration of the main idea and theme in their writings and discussion. Watch out for the creepy masks in the back, though!

TAGS: fables, town mouse, country mouse, comparing lives, landscapes, animals, L