The Velveteen Rabbit. Q.

INFO: Williams, Margery. The Velveteen Rabbit. Q. 1922/1975 (republished).

DESC: This children’s classic is a surprising sleeper hit in the “Q” section – it’s far more lush and complicated than it first appears. The sonorous, lilting language and gorgeous illustrations will give kiddos at this reading level something to delight in; and the complicated moral plotline (i.e. what do we do with old things) has incredibly rich connotations for writing, thinking and unpacking (what do we do about our elders? about waste? about discarded items? cultures of disposability?). Students will also find wonder in the “magical realism” that pervades the book – are there faeries? Did the Velveteen Rabbit really become “real”? This book has fascinated and charmed some of the most stubborn readers – something about the apparent antiquity of the pages (vs. the majority of the other bookroom books, written from the 60s to the 90s) really holds their curiosity. Well worth a read – and fairly fast, too!

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Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery. P.

INFO: Howe, Deborah and James. Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery. P. 1979.

DESC: Bunnicula is a classic animal horror-mystery, but the best part isn’t the vampiric rabbit: it’s the incredible personalities of Harold and Chester, dog and cat, and the book’s main narrator & character. This book makes an awesome transition for strong readers into more complex elements of fiction – it contains multiple and sometimes conflicting points of view, evidence to be interpreted, “red herrings,” and even a frame-story, ‘editor’s letter,’ and prologue. Students love it!

TAGS: mystery, vampires, dracula, animals, rabbits, bunnies, dogs, cats, detective stories, family, adventure, spooky, scary, chapter, fiction, funny, P