That Book Woman. READ-ALOUD.

INFO:  Henson, Heather.  That Book Woman

DESC:   This book tells the story of a boy from Appalachia who is reluctant reader.  After repeated visits by a traveling librarian, the boy sees the joy and value in reading.

TAGS:  Highland Park, Read-Aloud, Appalachia, Reading, History, Librarian, Hard Work


The Wolves Are Back. READ-ALOUD.

INFO:  George, Jean.  The Wolves are Back.  2008

DESC:  This book tells the story of how, over a century ago, wolves were persecuted in the United States and nearly became extinct. Gradually reintroduced, they are thriving again in the West, much to the benefit of the ecosystem. This book will teach a new generation to appreciate the grace, dignity, and value of wolves as it promotes awareness of the environment’s delicate balance.

TAGS:  Highland Park, Read-Aloud, Nature, Eco-system, Wolves, Animals, Nature

Turtle Crossing. READ-ALOUD.

INFO:  Chrustowski, Rick.  Turtle Crossing.  2006

DESC:  Five years after a female painted turtle hatches from her shell, she is ready to lay eggs of her own. This is a dangerous task because there is a road between her and the perfect nesting site. She starts to cross, but a huge car is hurtling her way. It stops just in time, and the kind people help her to safety.

TAGS:  Highland Park, Read-Aloud, Nature, Reproduction, Cars, Animals, Turtles

The Unexplained Ghosts. ?.

INFO:  Stone, Adam.  The Unexplained Ghosts.  2011

DESC:  Many people claim to have seen ghosts. Some say they saw an apparition or heard noises in their home when they were alone. Others claim that a drop in temperature signaled a ghost’s presence. Are these observations credible, or are they all made up? Readers will decide for themselves in this title that throws them into the middle of the mystery.

TAGS:  Highland Park, Read Aloud, Mystery, Ghosts, unknown level