Animal Messengers. I.

INFO: Parkes, Brenda. Animal Messengers. I. 1999.

DESC: This book talks about all of the unique ways that animals talk to each other using special calls or movements of their body. It also highlights ways in which humans communicate non-verbally

TAGS: bees, cats, deer, gorillas, peacocks, non-fiction, animals, I, communication, Richard Avenue

Terrible Armadillo, The. I.

INFO: Cowley, Joy. Terrible Armadillo, The. I. 1985

DESC: An armadillo invades a house and causes all kinds of problems for a family. The armadillo is rude and does all kinds of things it’s not supposed to.

TAGS: armadillo, shenanigans, pets, I, Richard Avenue

Bear’s Diet. L.

INFO: Smith, Annette. Bear’s Diet. L. 1999

DESC: Matthew can’t figure out why his dog, Bear, won’t lose any weight after he puts Bear on a diet. Finally, Matthew decides to follow Bear around to get to the bottom of the problem

TAGS: dogs, pets, surprise ending, L, Richard Avenue, mystery, animals, fiction, Level L, Lima