The Lucky Baseball Bat. M.

INFO: Christopher, Matt. The Lucky Baseball Bat. M. 1991

DESC: Martin is new in town and wants to be a part of the baseball team. The problem is that he doesn’t have a glove or a bat. Once he finds some equipment, he tries to show the other players that he deserves to be on the team.

TAGS: baseball, practice, chapter book, M, Richard Avenue

John Muir: Making the Mountains Glad. M.

INFO: Pollard, Lauren Ray. John Muir: Making the Mountains Glad. M. 1998

DESC: This book tells the story of John Muir, an explorer of the United States. John Muir’sdiscovery land and his concern for that land led to the protection and creation of the National Parks system.

TAGS: John Muir, National Parks, nature, protecting wildlife. Explorer, M, Richard Avenue

Animal Messengers. I.

INFO: Parkes, Brenda. Animal Messengers. I. 1999.

DESC: This book talks about all of the unique ways that animals talk to each other using special calls or movements of their body. It also highlights ways in which humans communicate non-verbally

TAGS: bees, cats, deer, gorillas, peacocks, non-fiction, animals, I, communication, Richard Avenue