Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark. P.

McGovern, Ann. Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark. P. 1978.

9-year-old Eugenie Clark loves fish and aquariums, so she goes to college to study fish, against her grandmother’s wishes but with her mom’s support. Then she goes to the Pacific and Caribbean to become a diver and study sharks. Chapters are 6-8 pages long.

TAGS: Biography, nonfiction, sharks, scientists, women, aquarium, new york, ocean, chapter, P

Jaguar Attack! P.

INFO:  Parsons, John.  Jaguar Attack.  P.  2000.

DESC:   This tells the story of a team of scientists traveling down a river in South America.  Although a jaguar attack is part of the story, the book mainly deals with the devastation of natural areas.

TAGS: Highland Park, P, Global Warming, Expeditions, South America, Scientists, Animals.

Chasing Tornadoes. P.

INFO:  McGuffee.  Chasing Tornadoes.  P.  2000

DESC: In this book, you’ll find out about scientists who chase tornadoes and study them up close.

TAGS: Highland Park, P, Tornadoes, Storms, Scientists, highland park-p, level p, papa, non-fiction, weather, cool jobs!


Saving the Yellow Eye. O.

INFO: Darby, John. Saving the Yellow Eye. O. 1999.

DESC: An exceptional – and rare – higher-level non-fiction book, written by a conservation biologist who devoted his life to working to protect the rare Yellow Eye penguins of New Zealand from extinction. Perfect for animal lovers and science & ecology buffs alike (or anyone, truly), the volume chronicles Darby & Co.’s attempts to protect the penguins in a series of four short chapters. Text features such as graphs,  diagrams, maps and a glossary abound. Saving the Yellow Eye especially lends itself towards writing and reflection activities, since so much trial & error, inference, and scientific method guides Darby in his conservation efforts. A truly incredible portrait of the life of a working scientist actively involved in saving animals, habitats and heritage – so grateful that Darby took the time to write this wonderful book for kids!

TAGS: conservation, ecology, extinction, penguins, animals, protecting animals, biology, biologists, scientists, working with animals, jobs with animals, new Zealand, rare animals, non-fiction