The Littles. M.

INFO: Peterson, John. The Littles. M. 1967.

DESC: Tiny people live in the walls of the houses of bigger people, and eat all of their stuff, and make everything they need from things they steal! But, it’s not all so one-sided: they also repair the electricity for the bigger people. In this first installment in the Littles empire, the Biggs (resident Big People) are going out of town for some months, and the Littles brace themselves (all with different opinions) to handle the sub-letters. While the gimmick of miniature people with (inexplicably!) long, furry mouse-tails is definitely enough to hold the attention of many of our kiddos, it also leaves behind it a rather inane plotline and dated narrative style. Still, if tiny people hold their attention and fancy – go for it, and nevermind the rest!

TAGS: tiny people, stealing, thievery, sizeism, classic literature, adventures, realistic fantasy, fantasy, mice or men?!, fiction, chapter