Lions and Tigers. J.

INFO: Randell, Beverly Randell. Lions and Tigers. J. 1998.

DESC: Lions and Tigers is a solid J-level nonfiction in the reliable PM ANIMAL FACTS: ANIMALS IN THE WILD series. It features many different facts about the life of lions, under informative sub-headings, and a series of ‘reflection questions’ about the previous page on the bottom of every page. Students genuinely love the information; and the book’s split between lions and tigers provides an easy transition place/moment to break between sessions or units. Lots of text and information, for a Level J!

TAGS: lions, tigers, animals, scientific facts, animal facts, big cats, cats, non-fiction, J

Leo the Late Bloomer. L.

INFO: Kraus, Robert. Leo the Late Bloomer. L. 1971.

DESC: Leo follows the adventures of the family of Leo, a “late blooming” young tiger who just can’t seem to do anything right. He can’t draw, write, speak, eat neatly, or take care of himself – which really seems to bother his older brother (our narrator), and, especially, his father, who basically spies on him throughout the book, in search of evidence of Leo’s “blooming.” Eventually, at the end, Leo does “bloom.” This book, because of its vague and esoteric plotline, seemed to leave most kiddos very confused, even if they could handle the very simple language. The notion of “late bloomers,” I think, is just culturally outmoded these days. It also doesn’t help that the book is illustrated in fairly terrifying Henri Rousseau-style watercolors, throughout. Not recommended for use with our students, unless someone refuses to read about anything but tigers!

TAGS: tigers, really weird books, growing up, “blooming,” finland, finland-l, level l, lima