Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I.

Pilkey, Dav. Dragon’s Merry Christmas. I. 1991

Dragon gets ready for Christmas!  Though everything doesn’t go as planned, dragon helps make Christmas special for others in need and get a Christmas treat in the end.

TAGS: Dragon, funny, Christmas, caring, kindness, silly, winter, holiday, fiction, I, North Franklin

Henry & Mudge and the Long Weekend. J.


Rylant, Cynthia and Sucie Stevenson. Henry & Mudge and the Long Weekend. J. 1992.

Henry, his big dog Mudge, and his mom and dad cope with February boredom over a long weekend by building a castle out of old boxes in the basement. Chapters are 5-10 pages long.

TAGS: Henry and mudge, winter, castle, dogs, fiction, chapter, family, funny, crafts, J

Stone Fox. P.

INFO: Gardiner, John Reynolds. Stone Fox. P. 1980.

DESC: A classic about the love of animal companionship, family, and perseverance. Little Willy enters his beloved dog, Searchlight, into an Iditarod-like dog race to try to win money to save the farm of his ailing grandfather, with whom he lives. But, as luck would have it, Little Willy and Searchlight are racing against Stone Fox, the toughest and best – and most legendary – dogsled racer around. What happens next tugs the heartstrings, and holds a host of lessons for young readers about balancing the things that matter in the most difficult times.

TAGS: family, grandpa, dogs, pets, farms, wyoming, dog racing, dogsled racing, adventure, peril, trial, bravery, overcoming hardship, teamwork, friendship, fiction, chapter, P