we’re trying to work out a way to have a FULL ALPHABETIZED LIST OF TAGS, for your perfect-book-for-your-kiddo searching pleasure! but, until insight/the g-ds of technology smile more sunnily upon us, we’re going to collect (here) a list of some useful/common tags, that may really help expedite your book-search process!

also, if you click on any of the tags on any of the reviews, it will automatically take you to a page with all other reviews featuring the same tag!

book genres:



book type:

chapter books

easy reads!

high-interest topics for 2nd & 3rd graders:

(this will be a list of tagged topics, for example: ‘ecosystems,’ ‘rainforest,’ ‘animals,’ ‘science,’ ‘detective stories,’ ‘adventure,’ &c.!)

— coming soon! —

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