Transportation through Time. P.

Hammonds, Heather. Transportation through Time. P. 2003.

The histories of ships, carriages, cars, trains, balloons, dirigibles, airplanes, spaceships and more are detailed with pictures and question prompts. Yellow bolded words go to a glossary in the back. “Imagine…” question prompts can be poorly worded and confusing to kids (like implying there were no cars before 2003!).

TAGS: Nonfiction, history, cars, horses, airplanes, moon, outer space, trains, ships, P

Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark. P.

McGovern, Ann. Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark. P. 1978.

9-year-old Eugenie Clark loves fish and aquariums, so she goes to college to study fish, against her grandmother’s wishes but with her mom’s support. Then she goes to the Pacific and Caribbean to become a diver and study sharks. Chapters are 6-8 pages long.

TAGS: Biography, nonfiction, sharks, scientists, women, aquarium, new york, ocean, chapter, P

Stone Fox. P.

INFO: Reynolds Gardiner, John.  Stone Fox. P. 1980.

DESC.: To give his grandfather the will to live and save their farm, 10-year-old Little Willy and his dog Searchlight try running the farm, but to make enough money they have to enter a dogsled race against the famous racer Stone Fox. Chapters are 6-8 pages long.

TAGS: dogs, farming, race, grandfather, illness, chapter, p, dogsled, fiction

Sally Spylaw and the Flower Shop Mystery. P.

INFO:  Anderson, Joan.  Sally Spylaw and the Flower Shop Mystery.  P.  2004

DESC:  Sally and her friend Tom like to spend their weekends being detectives. One Saturday they notice some strange things happening outside of a flower shop.  They investigate the mystery.

TAGS:  Highland Park, P, Mystery, Fame, Detectives, detective story, level p, highland park-p, papa

Jaguar Attack! P.

INFO:  Parsons, John.  Jaguar Attack.  P.  2000.

DESC:   This tells the story of a team of scientists traveling down a river in South America.  Although a jaguar attack is part of the story, the book mainly deals with the devastation of natural areas.

TAGS: Highland Park, P, Global Warming, Expeditions, South America, Scientists, Animals.

Chasing Tornadoes. P.

INFO:  McGuffee.  Chasing Tornadoes.  P.  2000

DESC: In this book, you’ll find out about scientists who chase tornadoes and study them up close.

TAGS: Highland Park, P, Tornadoes, Storms, Scientists, highland park-p, level p, papa, non-fiction, weather, cool jobs!


The Time Warp Trio: 2095! P.

INFO: Scieszka, Jon. The Time Warp Trio: 2095! P. 1995.

DESC: For all of its Stinky Cheese Man-era illustration, the Time Warp Trio series seems to have held up well. In this edition, our heroes find themselves transported from their class trip to New York’s Museum of Natural History to … the exact same place, 100 years in the future! Except that travelling into the future isn’t as easy as travelling into the past – after all, deadly Time Police robots get on your trail! In this funny adventure with a good touch of “detective” work and mystery, our heroes manage to find their way “back from the future” … with a little help from some unexpected kin. Noteworthy – and especially interesting to our readers – is Scieszka’s offbeat, and fairly convincing, rendering of the technologies (read: giant 3-D advertisements for toilet-paper, shaped like a talking roll of gargantuan toilet-paper, floating in mid-air) and fashions of the future!

TAGS: fantasy, science fiction, sf, future, the future, time travel, adventure, suspense, mystery, museums, TIME POLICE ROBOTS, humor, chapter, fiction, P

Who Stole the Wizard of Oz? P.

INFO: Avi. Who Stole The Wizard of Oz? P. 1981.

DESC: Avi’s Who Stole The Wizard of Oz is a genuine mystery – and a literary mystery, at that. When Becky is framed by the usually-quite-nice local librarian in the thief of some very rare original-copy children’s books, she and her brother Toby decide to clear their names by taking investigation into their own hands. Avi’s book “keeps secrets” from its readers, and binds us strongly to the perspectives of Becky and Toby (our narrator), which makes for fascinating, well-paced and un-put-down-able reading as the action develops! Kids ask about this one in the halls.

TAGS: libraries, librarians, suspense, detective story, mystery, literature mystery, kids, books, kids who like books, reading, reading mysteries, detective stories about reading!, crime story, cliffhanger, fiction, chapter